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January 02, 2015


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Wow, what a lot of fantastic information! This is going to be fun!


Thank you! Fantastic tips about how to go about measuring especially the one about the over the door mirror. I just ordered one. Can't think why I never thought of that before.


So informative! So glad I signed up.


If I want to have the skirt waist sit an inch or two below my natural waistline, that's what I should use as my waist measurement on the pattern, is that correct?

Michelle (

Hi Michelle:

The skirt will grow a little bit both as you sew it and also as you wear it. So it ends up settling about an 1" below your natural waist on its own.

You can measure lower than your natural waist, but keep in mind it's going settle a little lower automatically, so maybe it's not necessary.


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