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January 03, 2015


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This is my first time making clothing. Do you suggest to pre-wash my fabric, including the quilter's cotton?

Thank you!

Michelle (

Hi Lindsay:

Good question!

Yes, go ahead and wash and dry both your fabrics before we start cutting (1/10/15).

For clothing, always pre-wash anything made from washable fabric. Things like wool, where you might only spot clean or dry clean the finished skirt, don't need to be washed.



I'm so happy to have a place to ask this question I've been wondering about for ages. So I'm super high waisted (one hand barely fits where you explained) and small waisted. But I would never wear a skirt anywhere remotely near to the place where I think my waist is - the place where I fold. The smallest part of me and the place where I bend is 27" (an xs?? I'm never an xs!) but the place where most of my cloths sit is about 5 inches lower and 33" which for this pattern is about a medium. So do I go for the xs or the medium.....or use the finished size measurements and make something between the small and medium? Thanks!! I guess no matter what the fabric requirements are the same so if it makes more sense to respond when we get to fit adjustments that's fine with me. Thanks for your help!


I'm also 27"waist and hip 39" (over a tee and leggings) so I'm going with the small and depending on where I want the 'waist' to sit I'll need some help with waist adjustment. Looking forward to making my first garment for myself. I've been learning sewing things for GD.

Michelle (

Hi Juliet,

Yes, since the fabric requirement is the same, get enough for the medium size.

Since you'll probably want the waist to sit lower than your natural waist you might want to shorten up the yoke (we'll go over it on Friday). If you make the larger size the pockets might sit lower than you'd like--or maybe not.

But I'll show you how to figure it out so you can decide where to make your alterations.


Michelle (

Sounds good, Lynda!

Taking in the waist is very easy for this skirt, and when we sew the sides seams part of that step will be trying the mostly finished skirt on and then making some final adjustments.


Beth Lehman

michelle, i'm curious about the fabric you used for this sample... is it a chambray or a lightweight denim?

Michelle (

Hi Beth: It's a lightweight denim. -Michelle

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