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April 08, 2014


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alisia domer

I just bought this pattern from your sale, and was planning to leave off the extra flap and use magnetic snaps. It is so nice to see what it will look like now! I love the exterior fabric you used! Gorgeous!

Desiree K.

You're so inspirational...I always pop in on your blog just to get inspired! Too bad I can't sew as good as you...hehe.

Michelle (

Thanks for your order, Alisia! This was good timing. :0]

Michelle (

Thank you very much, Desiree! I consider it part of my job to inspire you, so I'm happy to see it's working.

the teacup incident

The fabrics and colors of this design are yummy! I'm really into contrasting zippers these days and I love that spring green. Thanks for the inspiring photos :)

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