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November 10, 2013


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Sandra D

Awwwwwwwwwwwww poor sweetie - I hope her recovery goes well, and that the cancer is gone permanently - very scary! Sending her gentle hugs (and some doggy kisses from my neighbour's dog Xena, who is a cancer survivor and loves giving kisses).

Linda Armenti

Thanks for the heads up on the inflatable, I hate having to use those plastic hard things on them. Sending healing thoughts along.


I'm so sorry to hear about your dog's diagnosis -- hopefully they got clear margins when they removed it so it won't recur. I'm more familiar with mast cell tumors than I'd like to be because my dog has one as well. :-( Unfortunately, surgery isn't a good option for her (the mass is large and in an awkward place), so she's getting chemo. The cancer is too far advanced for a cure to be possible, but if we can keep her comfortable and with us a little longer, that's a good thing.

Michelle (

Thank you for the hugs and doggy kisses, Sandra!

Michelle (

Yes, it seems like having to live with the hard plastic ones is just as traumatic as whatever happened at the vet!

Thank you for your healing thoughts.

Michelle (

Thank you, Beal.

Yes, I hope it won't come back. Fortunately for Lila, her tumor was in an easy spot (front of front leg) and there was room to take the 2cm margins all the way around. So fingers and paws are crossed that it is gone permanently!

I'm so sorry to hear your dog has one too. :0[ They are so sweet and their lives so short already. {{{Hugs to your dog while she goes through chemo.}}}

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