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September 10, 2013


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Very pretty. ...thanks for the tip about lining the buttons..I need to do that.:)

Michelle (

Thanks, Patty!

I think flannel is my favorite for backing them. It sort of fills in any spaces and makes the fabric really smooth.



Thanks Michelle. .will try the flannel...I make quite a few covered buttons so this will really be nice to try. I use fabrkc glue inside the button cover and use tweezers to pull all the fabric edges in and the glue stabilizes the fabric before I pop the back cover on.
Mabe you do this well for me:)

Michelle (

Do you use the cover buttons that don't need a tool to put together? I think they are the ones with teeth on the inside rim.

Patty Darbee

I can't believe all the typing mistakes in my last comment...these new phones are hard to type I am going back to the computer keyboard for commenting!
That said....regarding covered buttons...I use the "Dritz" buttons...I have tried the ones with teeth and had trouble with them..and they are not as rounded (dome like) as the others...Although I just buy the refills now, I originally bought them in a kit that has a little soft plastic holder and blue disc to push down on and pop the back on....:)

Michelle (

Thank you, Patty!

That simple little plastic tool from Dritz is wonderful. It does an awesome job on covered buttons.

I like my buttons with a more rounded top too. :0] The flat top ones are not as visually appealing to me.

Thanks for letting me know about the ones with the teeth. I was going to try them to just see how well they work, but I think I'm going to skip them now.

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