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July 30, 2013


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I'm blown away that you have been able to make such gorgeous things in the past without one of these awesome rulers. I absolutely adore mine and couldn't live without it. Isn't it the best?!?!? Mine doesn't have that cool circle-making feature though. I'm intrigued about that, because every time I'm sewing and need to draw a circle I go through every cupboard the whole pantry trying to find a lid, plate, or bowl in the right diameter. That gets a little old after a while.

Michelle (

It is the best and I don't know how I made it this far without it!

I hear you on the cupboard search. It does get old. I think I recently went through the trash looking for a lid. Ugh. There have also been lots of times I couldn't find something exactly the diameter I wanted, so being able to make circles with this thing makes me HAPPY.

maureen m.

Ditto all of the above!! Mine is a June Tailor that is 6" x 24" and I love the different colors of lines...makes it so easy even when using 1/8" increments.


your ruler is great and ditto on the lid -- it's a good thing i can .... however, i love my olipfa ruler ... it's heavy-duty and has a lip on the edge that hooks onto the edge of your cutting mat, making it easy to line things up ... it's called an *O'Lipfa 5x24-inch Lip Edge Ruler* ... i'm not sure if this link is going to work, so look it up on and you can find the best price on ....

Michelle (

The 6" x 24" one sounds really nice! I think that's going on my list of tools to keep an eye out for at the fabric store.

Michelle (

Thanks, Darlene! The lip sounds really useful.


P.S. Your link works--thank you for including it!

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