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March 05, 2013


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Wow...have you been peeking in my sewing room Michelle, I use the exact same things you have in this post and I love them for the same reasons you do! Some things just really work and I see no need for all the new-fangled things that are out there today. I've been sewing for over 40 years now (I'm 51) and certain things have stood the test of time! Great post~ Regina :)


I have the red donut too! And i just love it!! I'll be thinking about those scissors... Seem to be a great pair!

Michelle (

Thanks, Regina. Yes, some things just really work and for me those are sewing needs. Other things are "wants" because they make sewing easier/more fun. There are a lot of neat tools now, but sometimes you just need the basics.

Michelle (

The red donut is awesome!

The scissors are really great. Olfa sponsored Sewing Summit, so people received these scissors in a gift bag.

I was intrigued by them, because I love scissors. But I already had a pair of small scissors that worked well, so I just thought these were a nice little bonus. But once I started using the Olfa ones, my other small scissors quickly fell into second place on the favorite scale.


Love that BobbinSaver thingy! I've got 2 and, my goodness, what did I do with my bobbins before?? I don't know!!

That interfacing is awesome too - I bought a whole bolt last year when Jo-Ann had some crazy sale + coupon thing going on. I hoard it, like each project has to prove it's worthy of getting that interfacing!

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