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February 07, 2013


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The business card size is my favorite! And love those grocery bags!! Corduroy is so fun and I'm so bored with either plain solids or the babyish designs at JoAnn. Fine for the pups, not so much for me. :)


i want to make one!


I love it in the little business card size...impossibly cute!


Such a cute card holder. Looking forward to what coming today ~ that was a good teaser.
Loving the corduroy bags ~ I do love a nice corduroy or even velveteen ~ great photos!


It love it! It is really cute as a card wallet, I'd love to make one. That said, I really like that fake envelope style in all sizes you've shown. But I guess I'd have more use of a card holder than of a bigger clutch.
As for corduroy, it is also one of my favorite kind of fabric. They're isn't enough nice printed corduroy around here (you can find cute ones in Japan).

Susanne Klemm

This little envelope pouch is just to cute! I could put all my bonus/coupon cards in there.

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