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January 24, 2013


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This past weekend, I actually made some of your pleated pouches along with Kimm's pearl snaps from your last $5 Friday deal, and I installed them using a hammer, the black rubber thingy from the kit-with-tool you have pictured, and an empty plastic thread spool.

I did make mistakes and ruined a couple of snaps in the beginning, but it was because I didn't use the thread spool, and instead used the metal part from the kit-with-tool to help pound in the snap socket (it widened the socket so the snap didn't work anymore). Even my ruined snaps were installed into the fabric fine, though -- I never cracked the snaps' pearl caps using the hammer, spool, and rubber thingy.

So I just wanted to pipe up for the poor (free!) thread spool; it works wonderfully, and saves you money so you can spend it on other stuff (like patterns :D)!


I use the Snap Setter tool, that is sold by Snap Source for their snaps, and find that excellent to use. Nothing like sewing with hammers!

Patty Darbee

I hadn't thought too much about "snapping" but now I really think I would like to do that especially with all the details you offer here. Your tutes are so good and many times it is those little details that make a big difference in how easy it will be to do it. Thanks, Michelle =)

Diane @ Vintage Zest

I'm excited to use some of these techniques! I started sewing in April 2012, and began my blog to catalog my progress. Although I initially wanted to sew clothes, I subscribe to your blog and wanted to work on making some cute bags. I'm intimidated by all the options out there, so thank you for breaking them down! I can't wait to add something cute to my sewing queue!

Susanne Klemm

I have that Dritz Snap Pliers too. Love it! I did not know that it works for other snaps than Pearl Pron Snaps too. Thanks!

Susanne Klemm

Me again. I wonder if you installed the Size 24 - Capped Prong Ring with your Dritz Snap Pliers? I would love to order some new snaps in their shop.

Michelle (

Hi Alli: Thank you for sharing your experience! I shouldn't have been so hard on the spool method, so thanks for letting us know it is actually viable.

Michelle (

It does feel good to get the hammer out sometimes!

Michelle (

You're welcome, Patty!

Michelle (

Hi Diane: It is intimidating how many options there are for some things!

That is great you are learning to sew and keeping a blog as a sewing journal. Clothes are awesome (I'm trying to find the time to make some myself), and accessories are a great place to start. A few shorter, successful accessory projects can really help get the motivation going for sewing.

Michelle (

Hi Susanne,

Yes, I did use size 24 snaps with the pliers. They are great! The bigger size is perfect for pouches.

You have to swap out one of the rubber seals with the hard yellow plastic adapter for the larger snaps. The larger snaps actually seem easier than the smaller ones.

The snaps I used were Snap Source Long-Prong size 24 snaps.


Thanks for this Michelle. Really helpful.


I just had to let you know that you are a lifesaver! I threw away my directions when I got my pliers over a year ago (I used them once then kept them stored away until very recently)so I've been referring to this post a LOT! I always appreciate your tutorials! Thank you so much!!


Thank you a hundred times over! I've been sewing for 20+ years and always used the sew-in kind. This weekend I splurged and bought this tool. I ruined a whole packet of snaps and almost ruined a pair of baby booties trying to install correctly. (Buttonhole was going to be my fallback, since the snap prongs eventually punctured the fabric too much.) I finally got them to work, but so appreciate your photos, especially the one showing which side is which of the socket! Definitely pinning the post and looking at it again next time.


Thank you so, so much for this beautifully-written post! I definitely have the nerve to tackle snaps again after having mashed numerous of the pearl-headed kind. It was so kind of you to write this! ♥♥♥


I love your tutorials! I have that Dritz snap tool and haven't used it for a long time. I've just printed these instructions out to help me get the hang of snapping all over again! Keep up the good work.

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