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December 10, 2012


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Do you just use scissors to cut out the pattern shape?

Michelle (

Hi Michelle: I trace around the pattern piece with chalk or a fabric marking pen. Unless I'm making something like clothing, I rarely ever pin pattern pieces to the fabric. Tracing is faster and will give a better outline to follow for cutting.

Some people get VERY good with their rotary cutters and could probably cut around the pieces with the blade. I'm not one of those people, but they do exist!



I took a class one time to make Etui boxes and chipboard was called for. It must have been hard to find because the instructor let us sub multiple layers of empty cereal boxes. :-) After I finish Christmas sewing I'll dig my pattern out and see if it will work with your chipboard. If so I'll order some and make a proper box.

Julie Kroese Kramer

What do you use to cut the chip board?

Michelle (

I think I got confused about what you were asking. Sorry about that...

Yes, the chipboard can be cut with scissors. It is pretty much the same stuff as cereal/cracker boxes, but it is easier to just have a small stack of these handy.

I used to cut up cereal boxes, which is fine for a bit. But eventually I just wanted to grab the stuff and make my piece, without having to rummage through the kitchen to find a box.

Michelle (

It's weird that it is hard to find in sheets. Portland is a good size city, and I haven't seen it in the other paper stores.

It seems like such a regular part of life since so many packages are made with it!

Michelle (

Hi Julie: Regular paper scissors are fine. It's not super thick.

Julie Kroese Kramer

Thanks so much for your quick response. By the way - I love your patterns.

Patty Darbee

I had all the same questions Michelle...all answered above...thanks! I am going to give this a try...hate a lot of pinning! PattyD.

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