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November 05, 2012


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This is a great idea! I'm going to make a couple to give to my husband for christmas (plus one for me for my laptop.)



Thanks for the tutorial Michelle! I could really use a few power cord wraps!


What a clever idea! Thank you for the tutorial.


lmao! distance to nearest volcano...


Perfect. I'll be making some of these. They can also work for short extension cords. Possible word of caution, my husband wouldn't let me leave a cord rolled or wrapped if it was in use because he said they generated too much heat. Not sure if that was just for extension cords or everything. Also not sure that's an issue today, with better cords. Just thought I'd mention it, check with someone you trust who knows about these things.


I've made a lot of these. They made great little Valentine gifts for my friends. The biggest problem I had was going back through the blog to find the actual posting!!! I've got it now and it's in my favorites! Thank you!

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