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September 14, 2012


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Your tote looks gorgeous! This is a great tip for turning straps!


I have also struggled with turning straps. The method you describe never worked well for me. So recently I broke down and bought the Fastturn system. WOW!!! I should have done it long ago. What a difference it makes. Really, it is well worth the price. At least, it certainly was for me.

Michelle (

Thanks Sally! I used it today. It just holds everything so nicely.

Michelle (

Thanks for mentioning the Fastturn system. I'm going to check it out!


Love the tote and the ribbon method of turning the strap is brilliant! I've got this little tube thing that helps me turn straps and it works well too.


Those Fastubes were by far one of the best sewing investments I ever made. Worth every penny. Turning tubes is truly a breeze with them. You can find them cheaper on eBay!

By the way, Michelle, I love your belted tote and have made one so far, but would like to know what pattern you used for your bow. I used mine from your garden wristlet but like the "square" look of yours. Thanks!

Michelle (

Hi Elsa...I'm going to have to check out these tubes everyone is talking about!

I have a long hook thing for turning (looks like a really long latch hook), but the hook part doesn't grab the fabric very well. I'd sort of given up on turned straps since I didn't have the correct tool to make them easy.

Michelle (

Thanks for the ebay tip, Ana!

I have a square bow tutorial here:

I like it too. It looks a little more grown-up to me, but still sweet.


Looks like you have a good tutorial for turning tubes right there. I don't know who else has the instructions pinned, sorry. I keep forgetting about the ribbon method (that's what I call it) until AFTER I've sewn my tube and must resort to the old fashioned turning method. When I sew with cotton that's not bad. Sewing with thicker fabrics, it's a pain. Plus, if I make very narrow strips for some reason, the ribbon method is much preferred. :)

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