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April 09, 2012


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Ooo I completed stuff tonight that was planned for this week - a pair of treasure pants as part of the Sewing for Boys sew along, so I think my goal will be to make the house pouch for the Zakka sew along. If my basting pins arrive in time I hope to baste the Oh My Stars quilt and get quilting!


My goal for this week is to try for the first time to make a paper pieced star pattern and then turn it into a mini quilt.

Patty Darbee

I plan to make a weekender bag in a fabric combo I love...Black and white and beige...I am going to love sewing on this gorgeous fabric ...PattyD.


I hope to sew up the four long stitch handmade books I started on. I have the covers made, which is the easy [art to me, now I just have to cut out the signatures and sew them into the covers.


I didn't accomplish my goal last week of sewing teething guards for my daughter's crib. So now it's this weeks goal!


For this week, I have to complete 12 circle zip earbud pouches. I promised to donate 25 of them for a raffle that my work has at an advocacy day for students with hearing loss. I only have 13 finished so far and the day is next Tuesday!

Mary Ann B

I plan to make the second project in the Zakka Sew along, and at least cut the jelly roll part of the Hopscotch pattern sew along!


This week I'm planning to finish to sew the 5 scarves that I already cut. If everything goes well I might be sewing the bucket bag that I have cut months ago....


This week I plan to quilt two quilt tops and sew together some of my faceted jewel quilt blocks.


My goal for this week is to finish the 3 sizes of zip pocket pouches.


I completed a Renfrew top this past weekend that ended up being too tight for my liking, so this week's goal is to try again, with a bigger size!

Sandra :)

I want to finish my Zakka Style sew along house pouch - the pieces are cut and ready to sew. I also need to finish a quilt top for a baby boy (the quilt top for his sister is already done). I thought I had until next month to get the twin quilts done, but the babies are apparently not going to wait that long, lol.


This week I plan to finish sew my Sewing Machine cover and a lunch tote...


5 small pushes/bags out of oilcloth


Since I'm on spring break I might actually accomplish my goal this week. Bibs and baby blankets for a shower!


This week I have to finish two bento bags for my mom. I'd also like to make the little house pouch thingy and a small satchel or half moon handbag. :)


This week I am going to finish my daughter's jumper. I might not accomplish my goal as it is the first time sewing garments for me!.

By the way, your patterns are fantastic!. And I love your projects for this week, good luck!.


I have decided to go for the challenge at Art Gallery Fabrics to make a bag. I plan on trying to make a pattern for it this week. So far, just thinking about it is keeping me awake at night!


My goal for this week is to sew at least one softie.
I really hope you're going to turn both these projects of yours into patterns because they're beautiful!

beth lehman

i love both your designs up there!! so useful and lovely~! my goal is to make a top for rae's spring top sewalong. just got some easy knit patterns from tanya wheelan's new book...


Hi I am writing from Turkey istanbul. I want to sew this week, marine-themed fabric clutch with the strap.

Alisia Domer

This week I need to finish the last custom diaper bag of two that I started last week. Can't wait to get those done!


My goal this week ( I WILL ACHIEVE IT!) is to finish up all the mini clutches for an upcoming craft show :)


Goals, I've got some!
Two blocks for the Craftsy block of the month,
one block for another block of the month, the second project from Zakka Style (oh, I finished the Zigzag tote and it turned out great!) ~ it's a cute little house zip bag, and a gift for one of the women in my monthly sewing group (we gift each other every other month, it's so much fun).
Thanks again for the weekly goal setting, it's really helping me be productive!


My goal is to make a dress up cape for my daughter out of some lovely fabric I received from my husband's aunt. Before completing this goal, I need to finish working on our taxes - not fun!

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