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April 13, 2012


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I like the grocery bag idea for Mother's Day. I'll actually be spending the weekend at the inlaws house because my daughter has a dance competition an hour away from home (but in my inlaws' backyard). My MIL has one of the grocery bags already and loves it. My Mom doesn't have one yet but my Mom also seems to frown upon my craftiness at times so I'm never sure if I should make her something. Of course, I've placed my own Mother's Day "order" for a new electronic gadget.... :-)

Friday the 13th started rough and geez.. I have a jet black cat (Sam the evil kitten) so maybe he crossed my path and that's why it all started so rough....

Michelle (

Hi Uli! That's great you can stay with the inlaws and be closer to your daughter's dance competition.

I'm glad your MIL is enjoying the bag you made her. It is always nice to know handmade gifts are appreciated and put to good use. That is funny your mom isn't crafty. How did you get to be so crafty?

Hope the 14th gets off to a better start. Enjoy your new gadget when it arrives!


Hi Michelle and Bryanne!
It was so great to get to meet you both yesterday, to see where you work and get more fabric (which I have a plan for).
Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the creativity and design of your patterns. So glad you're not working at a 'good' job anymore (teehee).

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