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March 20, 2012


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Well, I didn't finish my Liberty Tana Lawn quilt last week. So many ends to sew in... Surely I will finish it this week?!!


I'm going to make a zipper pouch for my friend this week if I can find the time!


Ok, finished the baby quilt top last week. Next step and this week's goal - baste, quilt, and bind. That's actually three steps, isn't it? Oh well, I'm aiming to get through all three this week.


I love this! My goals this week are to make a couple of doorstops. I'm not sure what design I'm going for so that will be part of this weeks process :o)


My goal this week is to finish the Wiksten Tova dress I cut out. Thanks for some motivation!


My goal is to finish a pile of drawstring bags, I need to go and buy some ribbon for them too which is delaying the finish. But my husband has some time off so I must also make sure we spend some quality time together (it's our 15th wedding anniversary) and not just sneak off to sew while he looks after our son!

Sandra :)

Yesterday I tried out a tutorial for a kids messenger bag. Made one booboo but will remember to correct it next time around. My goal for the week is to make another bag in boy prints, for our great nephew for Easter :)


I finished the quilt top last week, so this week I want to make a pieced quilt back.

alisia domer

I hope to finish up a bridal party order of wristlets by the end of the week.


Ohh..I love this. It helps me to be more focused and organized. My this week goal is to finish sewing my fabric bucket!!


My goal this week is to make an ipad case for my friend and an ipad stand for myself (and maybe her too!). I also need to finish a purse for my grandma's birthday Friday.

diane stanley

I want to finish quilting my Echo Made in Cherry quilt.


This week I'd like to make at least 5 new drawstring project bags. I have them all cut out and ready to sew.

beth lehman

get started on a baby quilt - fabric is already pulled - greys and yellows.


I'm planning to set a really lofty goal this week (but I'm starting spring break on Friday, so I think I should have enough time). I would like to make one of those New York Beauty quilt blocks. I'm not going to make a whole quilt...just enough to make a pillow.


My goal for the week is to work on my daughter's dress for her birthday. I'd love to finish it but at least some progress would be nice!


I have to finish a little girl's apron as it's her birthday this week. As it's so much fun to make it I'm actually very happy that this is a 'must' on my list.


I love the goal setting ~ makes me more accountable!
I've got a round robin quilt I need to finish up ~ it's due soon. I'm getting a puppy soon and want to make him a bed (I'm so excited to have a dog again). I know I've got more blocks to make, so I'll do those too. And, I'm in a gift exchange with my sewing group, so I've got to make something for that (not sure what yet).
Thanks for the goal setting challenge!


I just purchased the grocery bag pattern (don't know if I have a receipt). My goal is to make 5 this week out of sheets I picked up at Goodwill.


My goal this week is to make the Zipper block for the QOLoud and the 2nd block for the NYBeauty, and decide what I'm making with my Art Gallery scraps.

Patty Darbee

I am going to make a bunch of little things..a friend wants to have a "Frog" theme in her car so I am making a car trash bag holder, Mug Rug and Key chain..the print is adorable and I am sure I will have fun making these things...would like to do more but can't think of anything else she could use in her car that is sewn...welcome any ideas =) PattyD.


I'm waiting on a fabric order so I can put my Joel Dewberry quilt together!


My goal this week, finishing the varnish on my stairs and complete at least on doll, take her pictures and list her on etsy.


My goal is to make a yoga mat bag to give to my mother-in-law for her birthday this Saturday!


I am hoping to get fleece hoodies made for my boys, as the weather starts turning wintery again!

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