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June 22, 2011


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yay!! great post! I always love reading about your process.


I like the idea of a soft cover notebook for notetaking, but I've always found that business card holders (the cheap kind with the clear plastic pockets for business cards) have been great for organising swatches - I can see all the fabrics, they're protected, and I can move them about and reorganise them simply by sliding them in and out of the pockets. Sometimes I also slip in a receipt or note with informtion about the fabric - keeps it all together. I like the idea of combining a business card hold with a notebook into a lovely fabric cover though!


Another adorable pattern! I'll be getting it tomorrow :)


I got this right away and love the idea of a swatch book and can think of dozens of other things to use it for...I made it and it turned out really make it so easy with your instructions...going to start another (daughter already snagged the first one) and get my favorite swatches organized in this compact little holder!

Michelle (

Jennie: Thank you! I'm glad to know people like hearing my processes.

Stephie: The business card holders sound like a good idea too. Whatever works for you!

Katie: Thanks for your support!

Patty: Can't wait to see your next one! That's funny your daughter already called dibs on the first one. I snag stuff from my mom too, but she doesn't mind--as I know you don't. I see all the things you make for others in your flickr stream, and know you are generous with your sewing.

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