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January 24, 2011


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Thanks for the detailed steps, will definitely keep this bookmarked for when I do attempt to quilt. :)


Thank you for those instructions. Very interesting. So there is no wadding in the sashing pieces? I look forward to seeing how it looks as you finish it.

Patty Darbee

I think I get it...very clever way to put the blocks together...I think with a little hands on experience, I could do this. I actually like the idea of hand sewing the back sashing...sometimes I just find it very relaxing to sit and stitch by hand. Looking forward to seeing the finished hurry...enjoy the process =)
Patty D.


Great technique! I like this a lot better than what I have seen before - having the majority of the quilt back hang loose and only be anchored at a few points.

Michelle (

Briana--that is interesting. I saw some other QAYG quilts on flickr that probably used that technique. I wasn't quite sure what was going on with those, but I think it must have been the method you mention.

Patty--thank you for reminding me to enjoy the process! I like the hand sewing part too. Since quilts are a longer project, it seems easier to not get in a rush to finish.

Judith--the batting (wadding) from the two blocks ends up butting up against each other. Once they are attached together, you can't tell there is gap between the batting pieces.

Jennie--good idea. This really is a great option for a first quilt. I didn't even use a walking foot and the quilting is nice and flat.


Thank you very much for this tutorial.


this makes so much sense! Thanks for the great tute!

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