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December 14, 2010


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I would be afraid to try it only because just changing blades I have to act like it's a surgical procedure - I have to be so careful or I will totally cut myself. I have a 65mm and an 18mm and I can cut almost anything with them. I seriously announce to my husband that I'm changing my rotary blade so that he can watch and make sure I don't slice my finger open. The 18 is great on curves. I only have to use my scissors for things that have to be cut by hand, off the mat, like trimming interfacing from a seam. I bought a 5 pack for each when they were 50% off over a year ago and I still have a couple left. So I really can't complain about them getting dull like needles. I just have to be careful not to nick them on the ruler...

Michelle (

Yes, those blades are scary! I'm glad you warn your hubby before performing the operation. A gash from one of those has got to be bad news.

I think the sharpener fully encases the blade while sharpening to prevent accidents.


I haven't tried it, it looks like a nice tool though, if it works!
I tend to look at blades, and then think ....hmmm, I can get these, or I can get X FQs of fabric....
Needless to say, I hardly ever have new blades either ;)


I will be interested to read if anyone has tried this. I also have the needle sharpener and I love it!!


FWIW, the Olfa guy at the Houston Quilt Show said not to use sharpeners -- they don't work well and the end result tears up the mat. I found a good deal for blades on eBay (cheaper than the store's sale price even).


Well yes please, I just bought a replacement blade and was wondering if they had rotary sharpeners! Do post if you decide on using it! It's amazing what a new blade will do I literally oooh'd and aw'd after every cut the other day.


I have a rotary blade sharpener I found at JoAnn's (it is a different brand) ... I think it works pretty well. When the blade gets dull it makes it a bit sharper ... not like new, but sharper none the less. If you use a rotary cutter a lot it simply prolongs the life of the blade so you do not have to buy them as frequently.

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