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November 19, 2010


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I remember my mom had one of these forever when I was a kid. Since I didn't sew then, it was especially great for wrapping presents, since I was usually trying to do it on my bed, and I'm such a perfectionist that I needed a hard surface to get the presents to look nice. This was the best solution.


Where did you find this? I would love to have one for when I have to cut out larger items.

Michelle (

That is a good idea, Bree! It is perfect if you need to wrap gifts in private so the hubbby or kids don't see what you are up to.

Cathy, I bought mine at Fabric Depot here in Portland.

Dritz makes them, so they should be pretty widely available in the larger fabric stores.

You can also find it online at the link. The price is good, but I didn't look at the shipping. It isn't heavy, so hopefully the shipping isn't unreasonable.


I have had one for many years. I also block my knitting on it! Sit it on the table, pin out the knitted garment and use the guides for symmetry - works great. You just have to be careful not to pin aggressively so that you don't scratch the table.

Michelle (

Thanks Kate! Using it for blocking is another good idea. It is handy that you can pin things to it.

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