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October 19, 2010


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I almost always use Gutterman or Mettler 100% polyester. I mostly sew accessories that won't ever get washed or get washed very infrequently. I switch to silk if I'm making evening bags.

I like sewing with cotton thread (it feels nice), but it does break a lot, so I usually don't :(

Amy Dunn

Great post Michelle! I always use Gutermann or Mettler and usually polyester. I used cotton on the one quilt that I made. I like them because they seem to produce less lint.


I would love to try these threads but can't find them locally. A good online source for Mettler??


I've been sewing more 100% cottons lately so that's the thread I use. I like Mettler the best but Gutterman is easier to find locally. I also like the Essential Thread from I've used it twice for two different quilts and thought it did great. Coats and Clark makes too much lint on my machine.


Awesome article!! I linked to it over at Craft Gossip Sewing:



I am a Gutterman 100% Polyester girl most of the time because it just seems to be the most versatile for the range of fabrics I use. I like the feel and look of cotton but it breaks waaay to often for my taste.


I have just discovered Mettler threads and absolutely love them. They dont twist when I am hand sewing and the colours are beautiful.

Patty Darbee

I use Gutermann and Mettler and YLI...with Mettler being my favorite. The type of thread I have trouble with are metallics (sulky)...whenever I use them, I get a lot of thread breaking and fraying and skipped stitches. I love them but I must be doing something wrong?? I would appreciate any suggestions. =)

Michelle (

Does anyone have a good online source for Mettler? CJJ asked, but I have never bought thread online and most of the places I buy fabric online don't carry thread.

PattyD--Hold tight, I've got some good tips for the metallic thread! I will put them together and post something tomorrow (Friday).


You didn't mention Superior Threads. They have a website that explains thread in depth. If you can see Bob at a quilt show, do it. He is a good speaker/entertainer and a hoot to boot!
It's amazing how some threads work better than others for different machines. If you're not pleased with one brand, try another.

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