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September 24, 2010


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I love it! I've been planning a few "mash ups" myself, and really like how this one turned out.


I like it. I like it a lot. I can see it being another must have bag pattern. I really like the resemblance to the Bucket Tote with the shorter size and pocket options.

Patty Darbee

I like it very much especially the pocket detail and the shorter length. Would really look forward to a pattern. =) PattyD.


Definately! Look like pretty much a perfect combination of different bag elements to me.


Love this new bag! I also adore the fabric choices you made for it. I'd love to see a pattern for this!

My sewing machine seems to be broken so no sewing for me this weekend. :(

Kim T

I like I like!! I am not skilled enough (yet!) to mash up patterns myself without lots of experimenting and fabric wasting - but YOU ARE! And I say go for it! I think it is a very pracitcal and cute design! I'll be looking forward to the pattern :)


I love it and will be delighted to purchase the pattern!

Dana Nichols

I really, really like the way it turned out and would love to see it as a pattern!


This is so clever! Your style is so unique - it's girly and practical. Love it! Oh and I really like the denim that you used.

I carry the bucket tote that I made from your pattern every day right now. Size wise, it's perfect. Wider and shorter sounds great too, as there are times when I have it on my arm and I can't quite reach to the bottom without taking it off my shoulder. No big deal, but that sounds like a good change! Also, a longer strap is always a good thing for me since I'm a cross-body bag type person. That said though, I don't have any trouble carrying the bucket tote with the shorter strap and people would totally have the option of either strap length. For the pockets - I LOVE the roomy front pocket on the bucket tote, but two would be great too - one for phone, one for keys and not worrying about the keys scratching the phone. Adding pockets is never a bad thing :)

I'm with you about not wanting to make the same thing over and over. This is very very very cute!!


I think this is a wonderful idea! I, too, love your style and would love to try out this pattern. Any thoughts on designing a "diaper bag" with some Keyka Lou style? :)

Ximena Lara

Yes please! it's pretty and practical, so I'll be waiting for the pattern. Congratulations for your work, your bags are awesome!


Yes,I do!!


YES!!! Would love to see this in pattern!! Soo cute and practical!


Ooooh yes I will!

Amy S.

I would ABSOLUTELY buy a pattern for this bag. I have a friend who makes goregous belt buckles, but I don't wear belts that often. With the addition of a couple of snap straps on the front, this bag would be the perfect way to showcase my belt buckles!

Michelle (

Great! I'm happy to see some interest in this design. I've been using the bag and it is working out really well.

The front pockets are perfect for keeping phone & keys handy, just like Erin mentioned.

The open top makes it easy to get inside and the shorter length does make it easier to reach the bottom.

Dana, I'm not sure if I'll ever do a diaper bag. Not having any babies myself, I'm not really sure what the perfect diaper bag might need (besides a ton of pockets?). But I'll add diaper bag to my suggestion box and keep it mind.

Michelle (

Amy, the belt buckle idea is awesome!! Great idea.

I sometimes add brooches to my bags for the same reason...I love them, but don't actually wear them much (if ever).

Jen, sorry to hear your machine is out of commission for the weekend!

Patricia Hanson Lpn

Well, as soon as the pattern is ready, I will want it


would definitely love to see this as a pattern!


I love! Would love to see it in a pattern!

mary newton

Yes! I love it!


Yeah!!! I want the pattern!!!

Account Deleted

Yes, I would love to have this one!


Very nice. The pocket in front is a clever detail.


I'm with Dana....can't wait for the pattern.

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