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September 16, 2010


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Wow... I can't believe people are selling fake fabric. That's insane. I'm glad I read this because I probably wouldn't have thought too hard about it before buying something.


I have noticed that there are some Etsy sellers (who shall remain nameless but whose prices and location should give them away) whose fabric is decidedly rougher and not of the same quality as the authentic Japanese linen-cotton blends. I never experienced this with a specific pattern that I had some of the authentic stuff with which to compare it, but the threadcount, handfeel, coarseness, etc. gave away its cheapness and low quality. I decided to just stick with small handful of trusted sellers from then on, regardless of pricing.


I think I recently bought some imitation Japanese fabric from a shop on Etsy. They were out of China, so I should have suspected. The base cloth is almost like burlap. Oh well, live and learn. I shall be more investigative in the future.

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