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June 09, 2010


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I use the Dritz dual pen as well. Absolutely can't do without it! I also routinely use the square pieces of white or blue tailors chalk to make quick marks.

I think there is a holder for it as well, but I've never used it!


The very best chalk marker ever, is the heart shaped Chakoner which is imported from Japan. It is not widely found...probably because it is somewhat expensive. However once you use it, you'll never go back to the cheaper chalk markers. If you "google" Chakoner you will be able to find a few on-line stores which sell it. I do like the Fons & Porter White Mechanical Fabric Pencil as well. I use it to draw small precise embroidery lines and shapes.


Welcome... I enjoy reading and sharing tips with others. =)
Patty D.

Ginger Leigh

I buy the Fons and Porter refills and use them in a standard .7 mechanical pencil I already had at home. (Saves on plastic and money!)

The white lead works really well on most colours. On the few colours it doesn't show up on - I use a #2 pencil. Of course I am using it on the reverse side, for quilting, so I have less worry about any marks showing.

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