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May 16, 2010


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Those are great tips! I trim my interfacing from seams, but I'll have to try clipping the corners like that!

Is that woven interfacing? I bought some sew-in woven form flex a while ago, but I haven't been able to find any more. I heard that the company went out of business? The chain stores don't have what I need and my quilt shops look at me funny if I ask for anything beyond batting or fusible fleece. I'm so tired of decor bond and FF, and canvas is too heavy - literally, I think it makes the bags too heavy. Any ideas?


Just discovered your blog today while searching for a dog collar tutorial, and I love it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

As to the corners, I poked out so many, and broke all my point turners while making bags, that I asked my dad to make me one that wouldn't break or poke through. You might like it too:

It is by far one of my favorite tools! (and I hope it's okay that I'm linking to it here.)

Michelle (

Hi Erin--try Pellon interfacing instead. It is widely available online if your local store doesn't stock it.

Instead of canvas you can try twill or duck canvas. Twill is lighter than regular canvas and duck is just a more tightly woven version of canvas, but it is lighter weight and not as bulky.

Also you can try multiple layers of fabric or interfacing. I just made a curvy clutch with two layers of sew-in interfacing on the lining side. It was easy to sew and turned out nice.

dining sets

These are great tips! This is a nice post. i just started learning sewing and this is very helpful.


Thanks for the great tips! I always wondered why pillows ended up looking funny like that :-)

Sandy a la Mode

i love the tip about not sewing your pillows straight and doing them on a curve!! i sewed a few pillows a few weeks ago and they were not soo square shaped!! but now i know how to fix it for next time!! thanks!!


I just completed my first sewing projcts and I'm so thankful for your tips! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks so much for these tips for sewing "square" squares. I have been having a hard time with this making fabric coasters..but I think the tip about cutting the interfacing at the corners and angling the sides will solve my problem. Appreciate your input on this.


Thank you for such great tips :) It always bugged me that my cushion covers came out a bit pointy, now I know why - I'll definitely try you ideas next time.

Nancy Mandoky

Excellent tips, Michelle! I knew the pillow tips but never thought to cut out the corners of the interfacing.

You Rock!


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