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Sewing Classes

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May 10, 2010


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Patty Darbee

I love to read your sewing is my favorite part of your blogs. Brackets! I never thought of that to keep the velcro lined up as I go. I will doing this from now on. Thanks.

Michelle (

You're welcome, Patty! I'm also working on the tip you asked about. I have to take a few pictures, but it will be ready in a few more days.


Thanks for the tips! I use double sided tape to keep it in roughly the right place but I'll be pulling out my fabric marker as well in the future.


Great tips! I also put a tiny rectangle of acid-free double stick tape on the back of the pieces. It ends up sandwiched between the fabric and the velcro, so it's no biggee, but it helps keep it from sliding around so much.

Michelle (

Tape is a great idea! I (obviously) hadn't thought of using double sided tape. Thanks Jodie & Holly.


you are the best! thanks for sharing these!
when i sew velcro i used zigzag stitch, and it looks better and it can hide some imperfections.

Michelle (

Thanks for another good tip, rosamaria! I love that I learn new things too when I share my sewing tips.


LOVE the Velco tips...thanks a million; I think I may actually be able to sew the Velcro on to my projects now!

Leslie Schmidt

These are great tips. Once you spell it out it makes perfect sense. I think I should have known that. Thanks.

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