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October 06, 2009


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Thank you! These are great reminders. I might try lengthening my stitch a bit. I like the look of smaller stitches, but you made some good points about them!


Great points! I love your blog because it has really helpful tips and great patterns. I have had problems in the past with using thick or multiple layers of fabric with my sewing machine so I will definitely try using the hand wheel, thanks.


Wow i missed a lot of blogging here while my bookmarks were out of commission!

Did enjoy the catch-up though.

Thank you for this post! Top stitching around curves is still a challenge for me.


This week I bought a pattern of you, great! Your blog is one of the best I know. So much inspiration and tips, again GREAT!


This is how I do it too! I had to learn the hard way about stitch length. I use up to a 4.0 stitch length, depending on how thick the fabric is. Otherwise my machine will not feed and I end up with 10 stitches in the same place. I also always try to match my top thread and bobbin to the fabrics, even if it's 2 different threads. I spend a small fortune on matching thread but it's a lot more forgiving, especially where you need to back stitch or if it doesn't feed right for a stitch or two.

Also, with my old machine I always had to make sure the "pretty" side was the top thread side because the tension was a mess. With my new one, I can't tell the difference between the top and bottom once I'm finished, which is how it should be. :)

photo stitching

Great tips. Thanks.

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