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April 13, 2009


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Emily Flippin Maruna

Great post. I am just about to use interfacing for the first time in about 15 minutes (or when I can get the baby down), so this was very timely. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks this will help out alot - when I finally start the patterns I purchased - I wondered what stabilizer you used and lucky for me I have some fusible in my stash.


Great info! I found Form Flex sew-in and I think it works better than the canvas some patterns call for. I also use Pellon "Fusible Fleece" 987F in larger projects. I don't like using the chemicals but the only alternative is to use batting and quilt the fabric but that only works for a very specific style.

I will look for Form Flex fusible too!

Miss Snips

i hve used fusible interfacings not just for sewing bags and purses but also for string type quilt blocks, makes for a lighter fabric in the blocks and saves tearing out the paper. Stablizers sewn in on bags and things, I agree, fusible can be 'crinkly' especially if you don't pre wash fabrics...
Thanks overall for this info!


Thank you for posting this, I've only started sewing and I've been a little confused about the differences and what I should use, etc. This was extremely helpful!


Hi there! I m a fan of your blog since a while and I love your ideas and the things you make. I am totally new to the craft world and would like to have some advice on buying a sewing machine. I m confused about which machine to buy and for what price. Some told me Pfaff is the best but now its manaufactured in China and doesnt have the same quality according a sales woman. I ve no idea which one to buy.Please help me!

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