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November 24, 2008


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Thanks for the tutorial. Your method is much cleaner than mine!


Wow, this is FABULOUS! Thanks tons for the clear how-to. I'll be linking.


I have to say the timing for this was perfect as last night I was looking at the Pixie and City tote patterns and wondering how I should do the slip stitch :)
Thank you for this :)


Thanks so much - this is very helpful!


Brilliant!! Thanks so much!!!


Brilliant!! Thanks so much!!!


Amazing Idea, thanks so much!!

Larissa Wardrip

This is a really great tutorial! So clear and easy to follow. By far the best I've seen for slip stitching. Thank you so much! I'm so glad I can finish all my projects correctly now!


I am making my first purse and came across your wonderful tips! This one is very timely and indeed brilliant ! Thank you!
:-) Barbara


I've been sewing for 5 years - and I NEVER learned how to do this. Thanks for your easy tutorial - I can't believe it took me this long!


I cannot thank you enough! I am tired of my "finished" lining looking terrible! I know I am the only one who sees it, but it drives me crazy!


You have no idea how much this helps! My closures were alway uneven! Not anymore. THANK YOU! :)


Thank you so much..

Nina Chairez

Brilliant! Thank you for sharing

alicia in Hawaii

Terrific tutorial on the slip stitch. I've had the hardest time with this...and now that I've followed along with your pictures and instructions here, I have no idea why it was so hard before! Thank you for the tips!
alicia in Hawaii


Thank you SO much for this! I was finishing up a floor pillow for our living room and was just mucking it up until I remembered this tutorial and now it's perfection!


this is just a fantastic tutorial. even tho I have been sewing for years, and do a good job of slip stitching, I've learned a couple of tricks! Thanks so much. Going to bookmark this so I can pass it along in my sewing club.


That's a great idea. My closing never came out straight because I never knew exactly where to sew. This way you have a track to follow.
thanks for sharing!!!


Hi I liked your note, add your site to your bookmarks.


Thank you, it really makes a different on my sewing!


Good stuff … Your post is very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing these information!
I will wait for your another knowledgeable comment.


This is wonderful! I just bought your bracelet bag pattern which linked to your tutorial...I'm so excited to try this method! My slip stitch closures are going to look SO much better!!


Thank you! I used this method for a pillow case and my hubby said it looked like we had purchased it from a store it looked so good ;)


I am smiling because I learned something new from you! I knew how to do the hand stitch you showed but the idea of the long machine stitches sandwiched between the back stitches was a great discovery. Thank you!

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