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October 28, 2008


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This is brilliant! Thanks for the great tutorial.


What a great idea! Fantastic tutorial! Thanks for sharing!!


Wow, this is great! So functional and the colors you used are GORGEOUS! I'll be linking.


Your pincushion cuff looks lovely! Will definitely try this one out. Thanks!


very cool


very cute!


I love the wrist pincushion and the fact that the band is a good width. I have a small wrist and like the idea that I can shorten the band a bit for a really great fit. Will be making one when I get offline. Thanks for the great idea.


Fantastic! Making some for my sewing friends for Xmas. Thank you soo much for sharing!!


What a great tutorial, thanks for sharing.


It looks very easy. Thanks.


This is a great project, I'll definitely try it! And it looks pretty easy with your nice tutorial.

I think I'm going to add something to protect my wrist from getting stabbed though! I once saw a pattern that suggested a yogurt lid or piece of cardboard between the pincushion and the wristband (maybe in the wristband part, so it doesn't mess up your nice flower idea)



I made this this morning. Your directions were very easy to understand and I love how it turned out. I showed it to my mom and she kept it!! I guess I need to make another one for me!!!


Hi there! I love this mini pincushion. Hope you don't mind if I link back to your tutorial. But I have something called minisexta (which translates to minifriday) and every week I post something mini I have created. When I don't manage to do so, I post a link to someone else's mini. This week, the mini project that will feature in my blog will be your pincushion, unless you tell me otherwise. Let me know if there's a problem with me linking back to you blog?


Thanks a lot for this tutorial! I'm going to give it a try.

I do have one question, if you don't mind: I don't understand the instruction to "press your stitches to shrink them up." What do you press them with?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Clotilde. You press them with an iron.


Good stuff! Thanks for sharing your beautiful blog!


This is a great Idea and looks fun to make. I will have to make one. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for a great tutorial - so clear to follow. I made one and I am completely in love with it!

Hope you don't mind me adding that I changed it a little, in that I sewed my velcro on lengthways instead of widthways to make the fit more easily adjustable - just thought that might help someone.

Thanks again!


This is one of the most attractive pin cushion bracelets I have seen! I am actually a jewelry maker so this would make a great gift for a sewing friend! Okay to feature and link in a future blog post? Pearl


Awesome sewing tutorial. I like your creative ideas and way to learn that how to make such nice pincushion cuff. I will try for this one.


Lovely tutorial, and it resulted in this:

I enjoyed making this, and it was just what I needed, prior to making eight sets of curtains!! :)

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Cool work !! really appreciable the sewing was really easy. The tutorial in this blog had a value like gold it is really worth thanks for the blog keep posting your updates thank u very much......

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